Parsjahd Solutions - Turbine Control System Retrofit

Optimum control system solutions for existing turbines, reciprocating engines and related equipment is what Pars-Jahd offers to its customers. Our challenge is to offer dedicated solutions using off-the-shelf components from renowned manufacturers. This offers our customers, the benefit of focused knowledge, great experience and application oriented independent solutions.

Customized Controls Solutions for Existing Turbine Systems
Pars-Jahd owns key competence in control systems for gas turbine installations, reciprocating engines, steam turbines, station control systems and power management systems. This accounts for the complete spectrum of specification, software and hardware design, parts procurement, in-house and on-site testing, subcontracting and supervision for on-site construction, commissioning, handover, customer training and support.

Expand the performance and lifetime of your control system
Control systems tend to age faster than the equipment it is controlling. The rapid advancements in electronics and software are the most compelling reason for this. Retrofitting an old control system will lead to more efficient, accurate and reliable installation while lowering the cost of ownership. You will get more and better information about the operation of the installation. This makes it possible to operate engines closer to their limits without affecting engine life. This enhances the overall performance of your plant.