Parsjahd Solutions - Solar Systems

Whether you're considering staying connected to the grid or living off grid, we have the solar system for you.

A photovoltaic solar power system (or 'PV System') includes solar panels as the main component and also all of the balance of system gear. We work with top quality solar panel brands. A solar power system also includes an inverter, which takes the energy that the photovoltaic system produces in DC current form and converts it to AC current, so you can run appliances in your building. We also include the racking and any balance of system components.

ParsJahd’s solar energy storage systems allow building owners and landlords to store any excess energy produced by their PV installation during peak times for periods with higher energy demands.

The solution consists of an inverter and a lithium-ion battery providing usable energy. Due to its broad input voltage ranges and high efficiencies, the integrated inverter offers maximum installation flexibility for optimal energy harvesting.

The energy storage system has been designed for a long life-cycle with a ten year expected life of the battery. The solution can also be expanded by additional battery modules. Due to the integrated Ethernet port, the energy storage system allows for remote or local monitoring without requiring any additional interfaces.

ParsJahd offers you highly efficient and tailor made packages respective to your need which can be applied in different scales such as residential (both grid-tie and off-grid), commercial, governmental and industrial applications.