Parsjahd Solutions - ESD System

Pars Jahd develops solutions for almost every safety-critical application: in process automation, for the oil and gas sector and for the rail sector. Our solutions are based on the ability to integrate safety solutions into almost any automation environment. We offer the most reliable ESD systems like HIMA H51q and Himax series, ABB High Integrity system and SIEMENS Fail-Safe system.


As part of our solution, the SIL3/SIL2 system is tailored for a wide range of industry applications including:

  • Emergency and Process Shutdown (ESD and PSD)
  • Interlock Systems
  • Burner Management/ Boiler Protection (BMS)
  • F&G Systems
  • High Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)


Our solutions offer features such as:

  • Integration of alarms and events into the alarm management of the DCS
  • Integration of faceplates for operating and monitoring
  • Transfer and visualization of diagnostic data
  • Transfer and visualization of process data and safety-related locking states
  • Timestamp transfer
  • Maintenance override switches
  • Start-up bypass (SUB)