Parsjahd Solutions - Burner Management System (BMS)

The Pars Jahd BMS system helps monitor, operate, maintain, and protect all of your plant’s combustion assets safely and reliably. The modular, pre-packaged design achieves compliance with industry standards (e.g. NFPA 85) while offering both modularity and flexibility. This design allows you to custom fit each system to meet specific burner management system (BMS) application requirements.

The benefits of the BMS system is:

  • Increased safety and system availability
  • Safety certified equipment for high availability
  • Higher system availability achieved without the need for external diagnostic devices
  • Integrated safety life-cycle tools available
  • Flexible redundancy schemes to meet your safety and availability targets
  • Improved operations and maintenance
  • Advanced local HMI provides a safer environment during all operational states
  • Extensive system diagnostics provide efficient maintenance
  • Integrated historian for management of changes