Parsjahd Products - Skin-Pad Sensor

Tube skin thermocouples are used for monitoring surface temperatures on boilers, super heater or heat exchanger tubes. They are available with a weld pad shaped to the curvature of the tube or knife edge for fast response.

Terminations are available with lead wire or sealed head extensions. Also expansion loops or coils are customized and weld clamp and heat shield will be supplied as ordered.



Most Common Type
Head Output Sensor
Cable Output Sensor
Connector Output Sensor


Sensor Types
Thermocouple Types: K, N


Typical Tube Skin
Weld-Pad Type
Finned Type
Knife-Edge Type


Temperature Limit
Based on Sensor Type


Standard Sensor Diameter
6mm, 8 mm, 10mm, 12.7mm
Other sizes on request


Sheath Material
S.S. 316
S.S. 310
Incoloy 800
S.S. 446


Insertion length totally is unlimited.


Expansion Loop
Without and with expansion loop is able to supply with dia. D & 2D.


Number of sensing Elements
Simple sensor or duplex sensor (for different uses)


Electrical Connection
Head connection, terminal block, transmitter, cable, connectors…
Output quantity format (analogue, digital, communication protocol)


ATEX Version
Intrinsically safe design is available for application in hazardous area. Others on request