Parsjahd Products - Multipoint Temperature Sensors

Our multipoint temperature solutions allow plant operators to monitor more than one temperature measurement point through a single vessel entry. Typically the sensors are distributed along the length of a large diameter pipe type thermowell, touching the surface at the point the measurement needs to be made. Some designs allow for the extraction and replacement of the temperature measuring elements whilst the plant is still operating.

Applications for Multipoints vary considerably. They are used in vessels rather than pipes. Multipoints have been mounted both vertically and horizontally to give a cross sectional view of the temperature distribution within the vessel. Both RTD based instruments and thermocouple based instruments are available, depending on the application requirements of the customer.


Multipoint temperature sensors are widely used in vessels, tanks and reactors, where there is a possibility of temperature gradient. Pars Jahd offered a complete solution for tailor made requirements to enhance the measurement availability and accuracies in a wide range of requirements in process plants.



  • Most Common Type
    • Compact Design
    • General Guiding Tube
    • Positive Contact Design
    • Spring Loaded Design
    • Free Hanging Design
  • Number of Measuring Points
    • 2 to 20
    • *To order more points Consult factory.
  • Temperature Limit
    • Depend on sensor calibration; general limit is -40 to 750°C
  • Accuracy
    • As temperature sensor calibration
  • Common Sensor Types
    • Thermocouple Types: K, E, J, N
    • RTD: Platinum 100 (for application requiring extreme accuracy)
  • Standard Sensor Diameter
    • 6mm, 8 mm
  • Insertion Length
    • 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, …
    • *With insert tube maximum is 10000mm and maximum 30000mm bundle only.
    • *Sensor 1 is the closest to the flange. Remaining points are numbered incrementally.
  • Insert Protection Tube
    • S.S. 316 is available.
    • *Other material on request.
  • Enclosure Type
    • Standard Aluminum
    • Standard Polyester
    • EEx d Flameproof


  • Enclosure Entry
    • Single Multi-core Cable Gland
    • Multiple Cable Glands M20x1,5, one per measurement point
  • ATEX Version
    • Intrinsically safe design is available for application in hazardous area.