Parsjahd Products - 266HSH

266HSH - Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Model 266HSH is a gauge pressure transmitter suitable for measuring liquid, gas or steam pressure as well as liquid level in an open tank. Regarding to its stability and reliability, it works within stated performance even in extreme ambient and process conditions.

266HSH electronics module with its on-board auto-configuration functionality reduces plant downtimes in case of failure and increases general productivity and availability.



  • Base accuracy
    • From 0.06 % of calibrated span
  • Reliable sensing system coupled with very latest digital technologies
    • Provides large turn down ratio up to 100:1
  • Comprehensive sensor choice
    • optimize in-use total performance and stability
  • 10–year stability
    • 0.15 % of URL
  • Flexible configuration facilities
    • Provided locally via local LCD keypad
  • New TTG (Through-The-Glass) keypad technology
    • allows quick and easy local configuration without opening the cover, even in explosion proof environments
  • IEC 61508 certification
    • Version for SIL2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2) applications
  • PED compliance to sound engineering practice (SEP)
    • full compliance with PED Category III
  • Span limits
    • 0.5kPa to 105 MPa; 2.1 in. H2O ... 15228 psi
  • Multiple protocol availability
    • provides integration with HART®, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms offering interchangeability and transmitter upgrade capabilities