Parsjahd Products - 266DLH

266DLH Differential Pressure Transmitter For Density & Interface Measurement

Model 266DLH is a specific application transmitter using a differential design for liquid level interface and density measurements, typically for two non-mixable liquids (one upon the other) of different specific gravity, in a tank.

The transmitter has a defined structure with two seals:

  • One direct mount flanged flush diaphragm seal is on the high pressure side
  • One remote seal, selectable wafer or flanged flush diaphragm, is fitted via capability to the low pressure side. It is very important to highlight that the seals should have the same physical characteristics (size, materials, etc.) for the two sides.



  • Base accuracy
    • 0.10 % of calibrated span
  • Reliable sensing system coupled with very latest digital technologies
  • Specific design for low pressure
    • optimize in-use total performance and stability
  • Flexible configuration facilities
    • provided locally via local LCD keypad
  • New TTG (Through-The-Glass) keypad technology
    • allows quick and easy local configuration without opening the cover, even in explosion proof environments
  • IEC 61508 certification
    • version for SIL2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2) applications
  • PED compliance to sound engineering practice (SEP)
  • Span limits
    • -0.4 to 16kPa; 1.6 to 64inH2O
  • Multiple protocol availability
    • Provides integration with HART®, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms offering interchangeability and transmitter upgrade capabilities