Parsjahd Products - Field Indicator

PJ-600FI Field Display
The Field Signal Indicators represent an easy-to-install solution to display important process variables. Designed to operate in the most stringent industrial environment, these Field Signal Indicators meet the requirements of the major Hazardous Area Standards for both Intrinsic Safety as well explosion-proof.



  • Digital LCD or analog meter
    • allows to select the proper indication
    • Displays Hart + 4-20mA signals coming from installed transmitters
    • combines signal display with password protected configuration capabilities for transmitter management
  • Rugged, compact, lightweight, enclosure to IP67
    • enables installation in industrial environments
  • Compatible with all 4-20 mA, 2-wire systems
  • Square root signal characterization
    • allows measurements linearization
  • Comprehensive certification approvals
    • give high applicability in plant hazardous areas