Parsjahd Products - Liquid Level Switch (Displacer & Float Type)

An electro mechanical device that opens or closes a switch when the fluid in a given area reaches a certain level, for example displacer, float, vibrating rod or thermal level switches designed for specific service Conditions.

Parsjahd’s Displacer level switches offer the industrial user a wide choice of alarm and control configurations. Every unit utilizes a simple buoyancy principle and is well suited for simple or complex applications, such as foaming or surging liquids or agitated fluids, and usually costs less than other types of level switches and provides in three groups:

 1) Single switch
 2) Dual switches
 3) Triple switches




  • Narrow or wide level ranges achieved through multiple switch mechanism capability
  • Displacers adjustable at any point along the suspension cable
  • Anti-surge design eliminates the possibility of switch short cycling
  • Flanged or threaded mounting available
  • Easy installation
  • Single or multiple switch mechanisms available
  • Field adjustable set point and switch differential
  • NACE models
  • Floating rooftop models
  • Choice of displacers: Porcelain, 316 Stainless steel, Karbate, Brass
  • Choice of switch mechanisms: Mercury, Dry contact, Pneumatic, Hermetically sealed
  • Housings: NEMA 1, carbon steel for pneumatics; TYPE 4X/7/9, polymer coated aluminum